Friday, January 18, 2019

5 Powerful Tips For A Long And Healthy Life

As effective as modern medical technologies is, it can never save a person from the difficulties caused by a lifestyle which is unhealthy. 

Instead of relying on health insurance to fix every malady, it really is much better to live in such a way that you will hardly ever become ill.

Additionally, the exact same life style which can help you to prevent illness also enables you to eliminate weight.

Here are five powerful tips to live a very long and healthier life.


1 . Exercise regularly

In the old days people had no choice but to use their bodies in the course of their daily work. 

But in today's life we can get up in the morning, go to work in a car, then sit down for about 8 hours, get up, get in the car, then sit down again, and when arriving at home, sit down once more for the remainder of the day. 

There is very little physical labor in such a life. 

One of the biggest causes for a host of diseases is a sedentary lifestyle. 

Physical activities such as walking or running must be added to our daily life if our jobs do not require us to make use of our physical bodies.



2. Go to bed when you are sleepy

This might seem easy, but a lot of men and women stay up late when their body is telling them it is time to sleep. 

Health practitioners state that it is far better to sleep in the evening and only be active throughout the day. 

People such as students will often take stimulants and drink coffee to study and do their research into the evening. 

Other people create the custom of staying active during the night and sleeping throughout the day. 

This type of abnormal living is among the leading factors in the causation of cancer and other ailments.


3. Only eat when you have hunger cravings

The idea of eating only when you are feeling hungry is simple, but like always we don’t pay attention to the messages of our bodies. 

Most of us are guilty of eating out of habit and we eat without having any real appetite. 

The result is food that is not digested properly, and this causes acidity which can lead to many serious health problems. 

This leads us directly to the next point...


4. Fast regularly

Our digestive organs cannot work 24/7. 

They start breaking down when they are overworked and we often ignore the signals they send us which leads to many kinds of diseases. 

Therefore we need to let them rest for at least one day a week. 

Choose a day in the week for fasting and stick to it. 

Make sure to stay well hydrated by drinking lots of water on that day. 

Regular fasting has many benefits some of which are weight loss, improved brain function, increased metabolism, better insulin sensitivity, and the list goes on and on.

5. Meditate daily

It is no secret that the mind affects the body. 

Many diseases today are psychosomatic and the two main culprits are none other than stress and anxiety, both of which can be managed and reduced through meditation. 

There are many meditation techniques out there, some which are very easy to learn. Choose one and do it on a daily basis.

Follow these tips and you are guaranteed to see an improvement in your health and overall well-being which will lead to a longer and happier life.